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Flexible Logistics Equipment Solutions

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Road Freight

Road freight is a significant transportation mode in the GCC region, facilitating the movement of goods across countries efficiently.


Our LTL services provide efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions for shipping Less Than Truckload (LTL) cargo to and from all the Middle East countries.


Our FTL services offer reliable and expedited transportation solutions for shipping Full Truckload (FTL) cargo to and from all the Middle East countries, ensuring timely delivery and optimal utilization of trucking capacity.

Cargo Consolidation

Road cargo consolidation services streamline shipping processes by combining multiple shipments into a single consignment, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs for transporting goods to and from the Middle East countries.

Why Choose Road Freight



Sea Freight

Shipex Global offers cost-effective and reliable transportation method for shipping goods across oceans, connecting countries and facilitating global trade.


International LCL (Less Than Container Load) service enables cost-effective shipping of smaller cargo volumes by consolidating multiple shipments into a single container for international transportation.


International FCL (Full Container Load) service provides efficient and dedicated shipping of large cargo volumes by utilizing a full container for international transportation, ensuring security and flexibility in logistics operations.

Cargo Consolidation

International ocean cargo consolidation services optimize shipping operations by consolidating multiple shipments into a single container, maximizing container capacity and reducing costs for international transportation of goods across oceans.

Why Choose Ocean Freight

Global reach
High Capacity
Cost effective


Air Freight

Shipex Global offers efficient international air freight services, ensuring speedy and reliable transportation of goods across the globe through air cargo networks.

Express Air Freight

Express air cargo provides expedited and time-sensitive shipping solutions, ensuring fast delivery of goods through prioritized handling and dedicated transportation services.


CAF (Consolidated Air Freight) combines multiple smaller shipments from different shippers into a single air freight consignment, maximizing space utilization and reducing costs.

Charter/Project Air Freight

Charter/project air cargo provides personalized handling, secure transportation, and specialized equipment, making it suitable for sensitive or high-value cargo requiring extra care, attention and faster transit times.

Why Choose Air Freight

Global reach
Enhanced Security
International Transit Times